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Hi, I’m Ruby-Ann and this blog is for those people out there who love to read. Even if you don’t enjoy reading, this blog could help you find a book that’s right for you.


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief series summary

The Greek gods are very much alive and kicking in these humorous but informative novels. Join Percy and his demigod friends as they battle Greek myths and legends ( the Hydra, Nemean Lion and Minotaur to name just a few), get into beef with the gods, major and minor, and protect Olympus from some monstrous nasties.

If anybody wants individual reviews, comment.

No Stone Unturned by Helen Watts

A bustling quarry in Victorian times. A haunted, barren quarry in 2012. Wilmcote, Kelly’s home (for now) is steeped in mystery. With no friends in school, she’s on her own when it comes to entertainment. Until she meets Ben. Homeschooled and seemingly unworldly, Ben has no grudges against Travellers, so when he offers to help her research the quarry for her homework, Kelly has no qualms about accepting. But soon this turns into more than a history project. Their old town is steeped in mystery and murder.

Ending on a torturing plot-twist, No Stone Unturned is a great read that touches on several good talking points – bullying, loneliness and discrimination.

The Extinction Trials 3: Rebel

As Earthasia becomes more and more inhospitable, the inhabitants call for desperate measures. They set up camp on Piloria – permanently. Having been to the continent twice before, and survived, Reban Don, Storm and Lincoln are put into positions of leadership – even over the Gamemakers. It’s up to them to protect against the enemy, but is that the dinosaurs or the people inside their own camp?

Spirit by Sally Christie

When Matt Barker drops a bomb on the Truth Game at school, nobody believes him. Nobody except Jazzy. Matt says that he saw a fairy and took it home in a bag. Already unpopular with his classmates, this claim lowers their opinion of him even further.

Matt and Jazzy must team up against the ‘popular’ people to prevent them from doing something terrible.

Spirit is quite hard to follow and confusing because of the shifting point of view.

Buy? Probably not. Borrow? Yes

The Blood Guard by Carter Roy

The Blood Guard is a story about a boy called Evelyn Ronan Truelove. Or just Ronan, because most boys don’t want to be called Evelyn Truelove. His mum is part of a secret society called the Blood Guard, and no, they don’t guard blood, they guard the thirty-six Pures. A Pure makes the world a better place by just being there, but the Bend Sinister try to kill them at every opportunity. By the way, the Sinister part is actually from the latin for ‘left’. Who knew? The next book is called the Glass Gauntlet and the series is good for fans of Percy Jackson.

all that remains by Sue Black

Told frankly and reassuringly, all that remains is a non-fiction peek into the life of a forensic anthropologist. Sue takes us to her lab, the dissecting rooms and her own personal life as she explains the ups and downs of her job, tells of her Uncle Willie, her cadaver Henry and several other intriguing topics.

This book, although dealing with the sobering concept of death, is not distressing and has indeed got moments of humour. In fact Sue herself says in this book that death and humour are closely linked.

On the whole, all that remains is an interesting read that I believe broadens human knowledge.

The Extinction Trials: Exile

Having won the previous extinction trials, Storm’s living the good life with her increased rations. Or is she? Plagued by thoughts of Piloria, Lincoln and his disease-ridden sister, Storm is far from flourishing.

Lincoln, too is plagued by worry about his sister’s condition. There is no cure on all of Earthasia for the Blistering Plague. But there is on Piloria.

Will Piloria harbour the solace they are looking for?

The Extinction Trials: Book 1

Stormchaser, Lincoln and the entire population of Earth, live on the grey, overcrowded and dull continent of Earthasia. When they gets the chance to leave and visit the green, colourful and – did I mention – dinosaur inhabited continent of Piloria, they take the opportunity with both hands.

But this means entering a deadly contest. Everyone is desperate to win and earn a lifetime of food and supplies, now more then ever. Stormchaser and Lincoln can’t afford to trust anyone – not even each other.

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